Why Pdb Collaborative?

When it comes to building something special, you have to be in good hands. Literally. But what does that mean? Well, for starters, you have to choose a firm you trust. In order to build something remarkable, you have to choose a partner that not only understands your vision, but knows how to coordinate every aspect of the project in a thorough, timely manner. PDB Collaborative is exactly that. As your personal project management firm, PDB acts as an extension of your company- created to plan, design, and build something special.

So… How Do We Do This?

At PDB, we work with property owners and developers to manage all aspects of the developmental process, from concept all the way through to construction. We do this by coordinating with architects, engineers, and city officials, and consulting them on all plans. It is this collaborative nature that not only makes us who we are, but allows us to be stronger- in an industry that requires it the most. With 8+ years of project management, effective team management, and organized processing, and most of all- collaboration- we work together to make your vision a reality.

As your single-point of contact Project Manager, we pride ourselves in our ability to always stay ahead of the curve. How? Because we have a process we take very seriously. We work tirelessly to plan effectively, design beautifully, all so we can build better.

How We Plan

It’s no secret that every project needs a cohesive plan. We’ve done the work and created a list of items to accomplish before the design stage comes into play:

Lease Review: Every project needs a timeline. Our lease review is the first step in determining timelines and project deliverables so our clients know what to expect and when to expect it.

Due Diligence Research: Our due diligence research goes far beyond performing the necessary audits. We pride ourselves on our ability to uncover the unknown. It’s important that we identify the roadblocks early on in order to understand the overall project scope.

Cost Estimates: Once our research is completed, we can establish the hard and soft costs for your project through local jurisdiction fees and estimated construction costs.

Site Plan Development and Urban Planning: Our favorite step of the planning process is the actual site plan layout itself. With over 8+ years of experience in site planning we feel this is our biggest strength. We work hard to develop land use plans with a focus on our surrounding community to ensure we are building something that is so remarkable, we’re not only building better, we’re making our community better too.

Entitlements and ABC Processing: We work with architects, engineers, and local jurisdiction to obtain planning approval and permits before the building begins. This includes all types of use permits and entitlements processing.

How We Design

PDB assists clients in all aspects of the design process. From conceptualization to realization, we’re here to take on the wide array of challenges design can bring. We’re there for you every step of the way, from selection of layouts, materials, and furnishings to communicating and collaborating with architects and engineers.

Conceptual Design: From site plans, building elevations, and color renderings, the first step to our design process maps out all of the details.

Interior Design: We design the interior floor plan layout and select all materials and finishes. We love to create spaces in a unique way that not only reflects beautiful design, but perpetuate a functional unique space.

Design Management: We manage architects and engineers to ensure that all construction drawings are clear and concise before we move on to our final stage: building!

How We Build

Here at PDB our motto is “build better.” But we know it’s not quite that simple. We understand the complexities that come with building a unique space and managing projects on a daily basis. We also know that it can be a huge headache. From pre-construction bids, scheduling, site inspection, and more, this is where our single point of contact is highly advantageous. We promise to coordinate with the team, commit to the plan, communicate clearly, and deliver at all costs.

When it comes to construction, we don’t shy away from any project. Our niche you ask? We don’t have one. We can work on projects from ground-up buildings to tenant improvement, in markets such as:

  • Commercial Retail
  • Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution
  • Office Building
  • Hospitals / OSHPD
  • Universities

Our PDB Promise

“I started PDB Collaborative with the intent of giving my clients exactly what they need- a single point of contact to thoroughly plan all aspects of the tedious development process. As someone with over 8 years of experience in development, I understand what it means to “build better.” The most important part of this process is to plan effectively and communicate efficiently. That is the only way we can succeed. And that is our PDB promise.”

Founder and CEO
Danielle Foley

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