Our Story

Danielle Foley is a civil engineering graduate with a passion for art and interior design. She started her journey in the industry by working for a prominent contractor, where she gained invaluable experience in construction and project management. Her responsibilities included planning, designing, processing, and obtaining permits for various projects.

As Danielle’s interests shifted towards land development and architecture, she recognized a gap in the collaboration between property owners, architects, engineers, and contractors during the development process. This inspired her to found PDB Collaborative in 2019, with the goal of bridging the communication gap and streamlining the development process.

PDB Collaborative is a project management company that provides a comprehensive range of services. Danielle and her team specialize in finding and sourcing the perfect project management team for any project. They also conduct thorough research and due diligence upfront, dealing with permitting, consulting with the city, and working with property owners to bring their vision to life within their budget.

Under Danielle’s leadership, PDB Collaborative has become a trusted partner for property owners, architects, engineers, and contractors, delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. With her expertise in both engineering and design, Danielle brings a unique perspective to the industry and continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence in project management.

Our Approach

We help you identify project scope of work, initiate a preliminary budget, outline a project schedule, onboard and manage a team of consultants, and coordinate with all stakeholders involved.

We lead a team of architects and engineers through all phases of design from conceptual through construction, while maintaining the client’s objective and the local jurisdiction requirements.
We can build just about anything, but our niche is hospitality and retail development. We onboard the contractor, manage the budget and schedule, and make sure the design is fully implemented.

Who We've Worked with

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